My name is Joe… and I’m bored of writing this already! I’m this old and I’m from here yada yada yada - snore snore snore.

It’s unlikely anyone will even read this blog but I’m hoping, really hoping, that somehow writing this will help me. “Help you how?” I hear from the faint whisperings of the prisoned infinity, swirling behind the code of my Mac screen - or very possibly a voice in my own head.

Well, to help me in a few ways…


3) I write and make music. I love it. I play out to small crowds in pubs. I love that too. It really is my passion. I have jobs that I do meanwhile that don’t satisfy me creatively which means I feel constantly stifled. I’ve never said stifled out loud. I’m constantly asking myself “WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING WITH MY LIFE?” knowing full well the answer (the aforementioned music creation and presentation) but hoping that someone will call back with something that I can actually do and be satisfied with.


Example of imaginary conversation in fictitious world where I am satisfied by something else:

Someone: “Why don’t you do telesales?”

Me: “ Oh yeah I’d love to do that for the rest of my life”.

End of conversation.


I tried that, I’ve tried a few things. Turns out I really can’t find anything else.

So back to the point, I’m hoping that by writing this blog about the trials and tribulations of trying to make a modest living out of my music, it will somehow gain the interest of others, and therefore my music, resulting in my making a modest living out of music. Defining modest living: I’m not a fancy person, I don't long for fancy things, I just want to write and play songs for a living so that I don’t slip into something I don't want to do for the rest of my life.


5) I never had a diary. I hear it can be therapeutic. I feel extremely frustrated with my current situation, so maybe by writing this, if nothing else comes of it, at least I’ve exercised my demons. Yes exercised, not exorcised. Like a yapping dog that dreams of living on a farm to run free all day but instead gets taken round the block of an estate. This won’t satisfy all my ambitions in life but it might say ‘hey at least you’ve done something creative today that may well help your online presence / direct people to your songs / get gigs / get to where you need to be, so have a biscuit!’ Custard Cream not a dog one.


They’re my only points I’m going to write so far, I feel that there are more and the numbers are suggesting so too but I don’t want to bombard… very possibly only…. myself with this list, so I’m going to move on. Maybe I’m leaving gaps for other reasons that will reveal themselves in future blogs. I don’t know. I’m not going to claim I’m embarking on this journey with a master plan and then screw you over at the end, like Lost. I’m on the island with you guys. I have no idea what’s going on.


So to sum up. This is a website that will have my music on it. It will also contain what’s shaping up to be a blog full of nonsense.